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[/mk_fancy_title][vc_column_text]The quality of the fittings and accessories of the doors make a very important difference in their service behavior.

The doors are an element with mobility and security technology. The technology of the opening and closing elements is governed by resistance, acoustic and fire resistance regulations. Therefore, the accessories must be chosen with professional criteria that adequately interpret compliance with the required technological approvals in each case and with appropriate and profitable quality standards.

A detailed list of accessories could be huge, so we detail the most demanded accessories in groups today:

Cranks for passage doors

Handles with card for hotel room entrance doors


Anti panic locks

Mechanical door closer

Automatic door closers for swing doors

Automatic door closers for sliding doors

Hardware for tempered glass doors

Mechanical locks


Computerized systems for emergency exits

Electronic access control components

Anti panic bars and output devices

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PIVOTECK has the technical and commercial collaboration of the most important national and international firms in the market to meet current demands. Our main commercial partners in this regard are:


Tessa Assa Abloy






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