Specialists in schools and nurseries

The technology of the pivoting doors is specially oriented to safety, PIVOTECK doors coated with melamine or with HPL (High Pressure Laminate), with anti-pinch edge is a model specially designed for day care centers and schools, promoting safety, the resistance and cleanliness.

These doors are essential to maximize the safety of the user, especially considering the child population, and are technically and functionally designed for a long lifespan, given the extreme conditions of use in this type of centers, thanks to the use of melamine coatings and / or HPL (High Pressure Laminate), very stable, washable and resistant plastic materials that also allow a large number of colors and combinations

What are our swing doors like?


Doors without hinges

The PIVOTECK system is based on the replacement of the hinges by a system of fittings that fix the leaf to the frame, hide the rotation system and eliminate the lateral holes


Doors without accidents

PIVOTECK doors have been developed with the aim of offering maximum safety to the user in order to avoid accidents in hands and fingers.


Protective rubber edge

All models can be manufactured with protective rubber edge in the closure, looking for maximum protection. This security supplement is essential when it comes to the safety of the little ones.

PIVOTECK doors in melamine or HPL (High Pressure Laminate) re-fenced in wood

Serie M:


In solid wood (usually beech vap.) or MDF veneered.


Core:  Agglomerate of 30 mm. thick particles.

Edges: Curved edges in 40 mm. solid beech wood at both ends of the leaf.

Covering:  Melamine colors.

Serie H:


In solid wood (usually beech vap.) Or MDF veneered.


Core:  Agglomerate of 40 mm. thick particles.

Edges:  Edges flush with the leaf, curved in solid beech wood of 40 mm. at both ends of the leaf.

Covering: HPL colors.


PIVOTECK and the prestigious brand manufacturer of metal frames, SOLECO, have reached an agreement for the manufacture of PIVOTECK doors with metal fences, thus combining the safety of our doors with the strength and durability of the SOLECO frame.

In this way, the doors of the M and H Series can be manufactured with SOLECO metal frames adapted to the PIVOTECK system.

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